outdoor lighting for security and safety

Vibrant landscape and exterior lighting

Landscape lighting adds safety and security to your home while making your lawn look beautiful after the sun goes down. Get quality options from us today! When you choose us, you can be sure that you’ll get durable lighting products.

outdoor lighting

During the day, your outdoor features may not get noticed. But a well-designed landscape lighting system can make your lawn and home look amazing at night.

You can light up your walkways and pavers with path lights for safety, provide a warm welcome for guests, and put up lights on trees for added aesthetic appeal.

landscape lights

Our specialty light fixtures are architectural features themselves. Show off a low planting area with a special light as per your taste.

Choose from Tiffany, copper, brass, butterflies, tiki, dragonflies, and other lanterns. We have some decorator lights for you to check out too!

You’ll be amazed at how a tall tree in the backyard adds depth to the front yard when it’s well lit at night. As a safety measure, you can also consider lighting up your pool. However, lighting only the pool area will leave dark and uninviting areas with shadows; these places can be possible trip hazards. Backyard lighting will help you host your lawn parties that go late into the night!

If you have a water feature, add a light to it to further accentuate its beauty. We can add the perfect visual sparkles to go along with the soothing sounds of your fountain.

What else? You can ask us to light up your patio or deck too! Based on your needs, we’ll come up with creative lighting arrangements.

Landscape lighting is an investment from which you’ll benefit now and in the future. A well-

designed, high-quality, and properly installed landscape lighting system will add value to your property and make it look remarkable.

At EZ Electric, you’ll only get quality fixtures and equipment. We’ll make sure that you get landscape lighting features that endure the test of time. The fixtures we use are made of the highest quality materials, using the best design and construction methods in the industry. We offer maintenance on all our installations.

Our team will check your system on a regular basis for proper operation, lamp replacement, damage, re-aiming, cleaning, and testing. Our after-sales service is what makes us the first choice of the people in your area.

Choose EZ Electric to design, install, and service your landscape lighting today! The benefits that come with our services are sure to satisfy you. Show off your home and landscaping while making it safer by going in for our landscape and exterior lighting features. Be the envy of your neighborhood!